Drupal is Everywhere

There has been a massive surge in Drupal adoption in Higher Education in recent years. If you got here, we're guessing that you already know about that. We are more interested in the question "what next?", and we have some particular ideas about how to answer that.

Domain Focus Matters

The Drupal framework is particularly good at providing subject matter experts the ability to make their own tools. It matters that eduDU members are also instructional technologists, academics, admissions technologists, librarians, instructors, humanists, scientists, etc. What we bring to Drupal matters as much as the tool itself, which is why we need a dedicated, channel-specific, unfettered collaboration.

It's okay, we're from the Internet

... and from Higher Ed. Every member of the edu Drupal Unconsortium works for an institution of Higher Education, though we also want to engage with select affiliate agencies that have a commitment to open source and the academy.

Community of Practice

This is a learning community! At the outset we are focused on Features-based development, because many of us have already realized huge wins with Features --they are use-case driven, and ripe for sharing. Like most everything else in Drupal, Features can be problematic depending on how you use, build, and deploy them. Much of the value of this community will be the extent to which we share our expertise, and learn by doing. We want to expose problems, and solve them together.

What exactly is an "unconsortium" anyway?

Unlike ordinary consortia, eduDU accepts individuals as members, not institutions. When institutions are the basis of membership, people behave like institutions. Most often, inside a college or university that is doing interesting things with Drupal, there are a handful of individual Drupalists driving that local community. We want to create a network of those people, no matter what institution they work for. Institutional membership would just get in the way of that.

Where do I sign up?

Right here, glad you asked!